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Making Your Event More Fabulous

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Beyond Location: Five Amenities You Need For Your Trade Show

Location is key, and if you are planning a trade show, you need to choose a convention center that is in a great location. You want hotel rooms for traveling attendees and vendors as well as nearby public transit stations for local attendees and vendors, but in addition to location, there are several other factors you should keep in mind.

Here are the factors to consider when looking for a venue for your next trade show:

1. Versatile sizing

If you book a large room, you want the ability to change the size as needed. For example, you may want to book a ball room at a convention center that allows you to use curtains to section off the room as needed. This gives you the flexibility you need as you plan your show.

Ideally, you need a space that is large enough to hold all of your vendors and attendees comfortably, but you don't want a space that is too big. That can feel overwhelming and make your show appear "empty" even if it is not.

2. Overhead rafters for signage

When touring the space, don't just consider its flexibility in relation to size, also look at the ceiling. Many vendors know that the best way to be seen at a trade show is by building up, and as a result, they often like to hang banners from the ceiling over their booths. To accommodate this popular desire, make sure that it is possible to hang banners from the ceiling in the room you are renting at the event center.

3. Space for show extras

If you plan to have break-away meetings, networking receptions for VIP attendees, or performances, you need to ensure the convention center has space to accommodate those activities. Depending on the structure of your show, you may want extra rooms, a stage, or other amenities.

4. Connections with local vendors

In addition to assessing the facility itself, you should also talk with the event coordinator at the convention center about their connections with local vendors. If you don't normally plan trade shows in that town, you may want to be connected to vendors who can provide you with pipes and drapes, tables and chairs, and other show necessities.

5. Extra Services

Finally, talk with your coordinator about what services the convention center offers. Do that have workers who will help your vendors set up for a small fee? Do they have ample amounts of electricity that you can provide to vendors and heavy duty cords to facilitate that? The more services they provide the better, in most cases.

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