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Making Your Event More Fabulous

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Ways to Avoid Overheating and Dehydration at Your Next Event

When you are planning an outdoor events in the summertime, the heat can be a real concern. Overheating, dehydration, and heat stroke can put at a damper on the festivities or even prove deadly. Planning ahead can help you avoid catastrophe so that everyone has a good time and stays safe. The following are a few options to consider.

Misting stations

Misting stations are becoming more popular at events, especially at concerts and child-friendly events. This is because the cool water helps people cool down in a quick, fun, and comfortable manner. This is especially true when dealing with children, where the fun aspect of getting a little bit wet will encourage them to stay cool. Misting systems don't typically soak those walking or standing beneath them. This is because the mist sprayed out is very fine—just enough to evaporate quickly on the skin and cool the person. There are systems that put out heavier mists, but these are usually reserved for events where water play is acceptable.

Water availability

For paid events, it can be tempting to also require payment for water. Unfortunately, this can be a dangerous decision during hot weather. While one way of keeping everyone cool and hydrated is to offer free bottled water, this isn't necessary. Water stations, complete with potable water, are available for rent. These are typically powered by a foot pump, and they allow event-goers to drink from a fountain or refill their own water container. You can also rent water coolers for event-goers to use, but keep in mind the mess of paper cups can be quite extensive if your event is very large. You will also have to monitor the coolers and switch out the water bottles throughout the event.

Event fans

Another excellent option are event fans and cooling systems. These large fans ensure that a breeze is constantly moving across the crowd in your event space. This is especially useful on hot, still days or when the humidity is high, since a breeze is necessary for the body to cool itself properly. Fans are also a good way to cool stage and entertainment areas where the moisture from mist can not be used due to the danger it poses to the electronics. Fans can also be combined with misting systems, which will use an evaporative cooling effect to help keep the event field cooler.

Contact an event rental company such as Fan Guy in your area to find the best cooling options for your next event.