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Making Your Event More Fabulous

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Marketing Tips for School Baseball Fundraisers

Success in putting together a fundraiser for a sports team relies mostly on how the event is marketed. Fortunately, you should have an easily identifiable target audience that you can frequently pinpoint and target at sporting games and community events. 

Use the following marketing tips to maximize the profitability of your fundraiser by attracting as many attendees and participants as possible. 

Look for free opportunities to advertise

Local publications that charge area businesses to run advertisements might be willing to run advertisements for community fundraisers for free. Don't assume that you'll necessarily be charged for posting an ad. You should call around and find out.

Remember that local publications are great opportunities to target individuals in your community who are located nearby and are likely to be interested in your event.

Try to take advantage of the popularity of concurrent events

If you want to get as many people as possible to attend your event, it's a good idea to schedule the event to coincide with a larger community festival or gathering. This way, you'll draw on the crowd that's already present.

If your community has a weekly farmer's market, even this commonplace event might be a good opportunity to capitalize on a crowd that's already gathered for a popular event. 

Sell items that boost team spirit

Your fundraiser can provide you with ongoing profits in ticket sales down the road if it boosts team spirit. Selling items like t-shirts, hats, and keychains with a team logo can make it so that those in your community identify more readily with your team and are more eager to show up for future events. 

Make your fundraiser stand out somehow

When it comes to marketing, creativity is very important. You need to find a way to not only make your event stand out in your audience's mind but also stir up curiosity so that people are intrigued and begin anticipating the event. 

Don't simply say you're having a "bake sale" or a "car wash." Put some effort into thinking of a creative title, devising interesting competitions, and showcasing the most well-known individuals who are involved with your team to draw crowds. 

Let your audience know what's on the line

It's a good idea to market your fundraiser by letting your audience know exactly what you're raising money for.

When it comes to school baseball fundraisers, participants are likely to be intimately connected to the team members. Therefore, it likely they'll feel more involved if they know what exactly their money is going toward, whether it's new uniforms, a trip to an out-of-town competition, or any other big purchase your team is hoping to make. 

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