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Making Your Event More Fabulous

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Pros Of Picking A Frame Tent For Your Next Event

If you are looking for the perfect tent for your next event, then you can decide between either a pole tent or a frame one. While many people do choose pole tents, you should know that there are a wide variety of benefits to choosing a frame one. Keep reading to learn about a few.

It Can Go Anywhere

If you have ever used a pole tent, then you are familiar with the various ties and stakes that are required to install it. One or several poles are secured in the middle of the tent, but the stakes are vital in keeping it up. This means that soft ground, like a patch of grass or dirt, is needed to position the tent. 

Pole tents cannot be secured on concrete or areas where rocks prevent the insertion of the stakes. Frame tents can be placed on any surface, meaning that concrete slabs, rocky surfaces, and asphalt can all be used as the location for your tent. 

You should understand that setup on site may be necessary due to the more rigid nature of the tent. However, there will be no center pole to get in the way of clumsy partygoers or individuals viewing a ceremony.

Also, while the tent do not require stakes, they may be used if wind is expected on the day of your event. If stakes cannot be secured, then weighted bags or other types of weights can be used instead. 

Less Space Is Required

If you need a large tent, but do not have a great deal of vertical space, then a pole tent is a bad idea. Poles are used in the middle section of the tent to elevate the fabric and to produce a tapered, draping look. If trees are in the way though, then height will be compromised and individuals will be unable to sit. 

Frame tents do not have this problem and are a good choice for small vertical footprints. While the tents do angle slightly to a peak in the middle or along each edge of the tent, the peak is much shorter. If height is an issue, you can rent a frame tent with an almost flat top.

One of the only drawbacks to renting frame tents is the fact that they come in a maximum size of about 40 feet. However, you can rent multiple tents and place them side by side if there is a need. 

If you want to know more about tents and which may be ideal for your next event, speak with a event specialist.