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Making Your Event More Fabulous

As soon as I purchased a place of my own, I decided that it would be incredible to throw a few fun parties. Instead of holding small family get-togethers, I started planning all-out bashes that would really help my family and friends to cut loose. The events were very memorable, fun, and exciting. After planning a few successful parties, I decided to work with a professional to make my events even more fabulous. Overnight, my parties changed for the better. Friends started commenting on the interesting themes and great food. This blog is all about making your next party truly special.

Tips for Holding a Special Event at a Fine Dining Venue

If you're planning a special event for your friends and loved one and want to host the celebration amid elegant surroundings and gourmet food, consider renting space in a fine dining establishment. 

You can host almost any type of event in a fine dining restaurant, including bridal and baby showers, wedding receptions, anniversary soirées, birthday celebrations, family and business holiday parties, and reunions. However, because the type of food served by these restaurants may be better-suited to more sophisticated palates, they may not be the best place to host a child's party. The space may also be filled with fragile and delicate items, such as crystal vases and china.

Gourmet eateries are ideal for hosting events year round, as they typically offer both indoor and outdoor event space. In the case of inclement weather, you can simply move your party indoors rather than having to rent a tent as well. 

Here are some tips for holding your next special event at a fine dining venue.

1. Decide on the Cuisine

Since food will take center stage at the event, decide on a cuisine you'd like to serve your guests first. For instance, choose Mexican, Spanish,  French, Italian or any other type of food, and then narrow down your list of possible event venues.

2. Choose the Venue 

When picking the perfect party space, first consider the size of your guest list. If it's small, you can go with a charming, intimate eatery that will overflow with ambiance. For a large guest list, however, you'll need a restaurant with a roomy, open area for entertaining or multiple smaller dining rooms. Make sure that all of your friends and family members will comfortably fit and be able to easily mix and mingle.

In addition to the dining rooms, many fine dining establishments offer private rooms. These spaces are ideal for opening presents, exchanging gifts, or making speeches. If being able to go outside is important to you, choose a restaurant that offers patio space as well.

3. Plan Logistics 

You can either bring in all of your event items — including seating and lighting elements, floral arrangements, decor, and audio and visual equipment — or rent a venue that will take care of these items for you. However, note that some venues require patrons to choose a list of the restaurant's partners. 

To save money, you could work with a venue that regularly hosts special events. One advantage of picking a venue with its own special events team is that you may be able to get a package deal with a more affordable rate.

Whatever event venue with fine dining you choose, make sure the environment helps you feel comfortable and joyful.