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Making Your Event More Fabulous

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Items To Rent For Your Wedding Processional

When you're coming up with a list of things that you'll need to rent for your upcoming wedding, it's a good idea to identify each individual element of the ceremony and reception. In doing so, you can concentrate on one element at a time and think about what products to rent. The processional is one of the most exciting parts of any wedding, as the guests will get to see the wedding party arrive at the venue and slowly walk toward the front. While it might initially seem as though you won't need to rent anything for the processional, the reality is that a handful of things can augment this part of the ceremony. Here are some suggestions.


Depending on which venue you've chosen for your big day, you might wish to rent an arch through which the wedding party can walk. This can especially be a good idea at an outdoor wedding. Wedding party rental services generally have a wide variety of arches for customers to rent, so you can opt for something simple or something more intricate, depending on your tastes and the theme of your wedding. Many people will decorate their arches after renting them, perhaps adding draperies, floral elements, or even lights to suit their theme.


Some people like to lay down a carpet on which to walk during the processional. This isn't necessary for all venues, because many venues already have carpets. However, if you're getting married outside, you may wish to line the ground with a carpet. Doing so will add a special look, while also providing a soft place for your wedding party to walk. Wedding carpets are available in many different colors, so you can go with something that is understated or perhaps pick a design that matches your wedding's color scheme.

Bubble Machine

A bubble machine can be a fun addition to add to your wedding rental list. Some couples like the idea of a few bubbles floating through the air during the processional. You may also want bubbles present during the recessional, which occurs following the ceremony. A bubble machine can be valuable because you can also set it up during the reception to provide some bubbles while people dance. Your rental agent will give you a tutorial on the best places to set this machine, as well as how to properly operate it.

For more information about wedding party rentals, contact a local rental service.