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Making Your Event More Fabulous

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Three Benefits Of Renting Retractable Stanchions For Your Event

When you're organizing an event and are thinking about what equipment you'll need to rent to ensure that things run smoothly, you might start by thinking of equipment for inside the venue. While this is important, you shouldn't overlook the value of having certain devices at the entrance of your venue, too. A good option is a set of retractable stanchions, which you can find from most event rental services. These devices come in several different styles, but all share several common design elements. Here are three benefits of renting retractable stanchions for your upcoming event.

Orderly Entry

When people are approaching your venue at the start of your event, you want them to enter in an orderly manner. A good way to achieve this goal is with a set of retractable stanchions. You can place these devices in front of the venue's doors so that people need to get into an orderly line before they reach the doors. Without them, a large crowd could assemble at the door and people could compete with each other to enter first. This can be especially possible at events that have general admission seating as some people will want to race into the venue to secure the best seats. With stanchions set up, you'll prevent unruliness at the entrance of the venue.

Ability To Divide Guests

At certain events, you can use a set of retractable stanchions to divide your guests as they approach the building. There are numerous ways that it can be advantageous to divide people before they enter. If you have staff who will be conducting bag checks, a common approach is to have guests who have backpacks line up in one line and have those without backpacks assemble in another line. This will allow people who don't have bags to get into the venue quickly, rather than have to wait behind those who need to have their bags checked. At another event, you might use your stanchions to create a VIP entry and a regular entry.

Creation Of Distancing

If you wish to have physical distancing at the entrance of your event, retractable stanchions can help. You can easily position the stanchions so that people won't be standing too close to one another. While you'll also want to have some signage that reminds people to stand a few feet apart, the stanchions will be pivotal in creating and maintaining distance among your guests.

Contact an event rental service to learn more about its retractable stanchions.