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Making Your Event More Fabulous

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Some Do's And Don'ts for Planning a Small Wedding

Are you planning a small wedding at a private venue? From micro-weddings to minimonies, the small wedding trend that began during the pandemic is still increasing in popularity. But how should you approach the planning of your own tiny nuptials? Here are a few of the most important do's and don'ts to create a great day. 

Do Stick to Your Guest List

One of the most challenging things for couples who want a small wedding is keeping the guest list controlled. Use a few clever tricks to stick to your small list. Choose a venue that only holds a limited number. Commit to services and rentals early. And be clear on invitations as to who exactly is invited. 

Don't Skimp on Splurges

The money and time saved by not planning a big shindig should then be put to use boosting your own wedding experience. Think about what matters most to you and which services or splurges would make the most of that extra budget money. It could be an upgraded venue, for instance, lots of flowers, an expensive dress, or those shoes you fell in love with. 

Don't Apologize 

Your wedding day should be whatever you and your fiancé want it to be. But many couples feel apologetic if they choose small nuptials. This attitude can damage the joy that comes from a small wedding, and it makes sticking to your plans harder. Don't feel you need to apologize to anyone for your decision. Don't offer compromises or think you should try to make it up to those who aren't invited. This is your day. 

Do Upgrade the Guest Experience

With fewer guests to attend to and pay for, you can provide them with a more unique and memorable experience. Plan to spend more time with them. Arrange for a special treat, such as signature cocktails. Have a dance exhibition. Upgrade the meal to a chef-led experience. Whatever it may be, your intimate circle will have as much fun as you do. 

Do Get Help

Just because your wedding is smaller or simpler doesn't mean you don't deserve help with it. Use your extra budget to hire professionals to handle time-consuming or unwanted tasks. Work with a venue whose staff is experienced and which provides a multifaceted event. Let your friends and family take on some projects. Then, enjoy the more relaxed vibe of a small, intimate wedding. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning your small wedding? No matter what type of nuptials you have in mind, start by meeting with private event venues (for example, Castle Waterford) in your area today. With their help and your vision, you'll design a great day for everyone.