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Making Your Event More Fabulous

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Retractable Stanchions — Key Investment Tips For Outdoor Events

When throwing an outdoor event, you require essential equipment and materials. One of the most significant for crowd control is a retractable stanchion, a post you can use to form barriers. If you plan to purchase some, read on to make an excellent investment.

Consider a Dual Belt Design

Retractable stanchions come in different sizes, materials, and designs. As far as design, look for stanchions with dual belts. They offer better crowd control since people can't easily slip underneath them. 

Instead, they'll have to remain in designated areas that you deem appropriate around an outdoor venue for an event. Additionally, if something happens to one of the belts before or during your event, you'll have another belt to rely on for successful crowd control. 

Verify Weatherproof Qualities

Since you'll place retractable stanchions outside for an event, ensure all their materials are weatherproof. Even if it rains or a dust storm comes through, no part of the stanchion should break down. That gives you a dependable solution that you can use over and over. 

Some stanchions are explicitly made for indoors, while others can last outside. Go with the latter option so you don't have to replace these posts soon. 

Print Custom Graphics on the Belts 

If you plan to hold many events in the future, you want to take every opportunity to market your company. In that case, consider putting custom graphics on the stanchions' belts. As people walk by, they'll see these custom graphics and remember it was your company that threw a successful outdoor event.

Just make sure you work with a professional designer and printer when putting graphics on the belts. They can do a lot of things to make your lettering and logos pop out. They can also make the graphics weatherproof, just like the belt materials are. Regardless of their exposure to outdoor elements, they shouldn't be able to fade on the belts.

Go With Heavy Bases

After you get retractable stanchions placed strategically around an outdoor venue, you want assurances that they'll stay put throughout the event. To gain that type of confidence, find stanchions with heavy bases.

The bases at the bottom should be large and heavy enough to keep the stanchions upright, even if the wind gets pretty strong or people lean up against the stanchions.

With retractable stanchions, you can form barriers and funnel large crowds at outdoor events. You can be happy with their impact if you focus on durable stanchions that are easy to use. For more information on retractable stanchions, contact a professional near you.